Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rainbow Honey: The Worst Possible Thing

A few weeks ago I very excitedly bought 2 polishes from Rainbow Honey. i had been dreaming of having Mare Of The Moon since I first saw it. I also Decided to buy The Worst Possible Thing.
Then came the wait... Postage from the U.S to Australia seems to take 9-10 days... Realistically that is not long, but for someone with no patience, it is torture!!!
They got here, and I almost cried with excitement! My pretty moons were in my hands!!

Now to be completely honest... Mare Of The Moon was a little disappointing. Nowhere near as pretty as I had hoped. But there was a wonderful surprise... The Worst Possible Thing was/is GORGEOUS!!!!

My first thought was to layer it over dark colors... Black mainly...
And here she is, in all of her sparkly, amazing glory!!

The colors... Ohhh the colors! When they catch the sun it is like a pretty polish disco ball!

Are there any Rainbow Honey fans out there?

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  1. There is not even one look I didn't love since I started browsing your blog. I love the fact that you are trying, like me, being a little rough, and post it anyway, and I appreciate the fact that your looks are not professional but it shows that they are home made, and this makes them even more beautiful. Also, I respect very much your choice of using indie polishes, which I am planning to do too, cause in my tiny community for noobs I am trying to go ethical and vegan with polish in the future. I'd be so so happy if you'd joined! :)