Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Old pictures

Hi there.
So this my new, pretty blog.
This post will be just for old pictures that I don't have details for anymore.
I will hopefully have a proper post coming up soon!!

My first try and a city scape.

Pretty flowers but my camera wouldn't play nice.

My attempt at Kill Bill inspired nails for the 5678's... Please note I have never seen Kill Bill!

Owl attempt. I actually LOVED this.

Pretty Slime (yup, that is it's name) topped with Rainbow Honey, The Worst Possible Thing.

Sunflowers after watching Dr Who, with Van Gogh, and crying my eyes out.

Wilbur the nail penguin (named by my partner)

I will attempt to get some better posts up later today.
Until then, be well :)

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