Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Perception Nail Laquer: Wicked and Starry Night

Through joining nail polish groups on facebook I have met some wonderful people. And some wonderful indie polish makers. I am very lucky to know a few ladies who make stunning polish... And these two are no exception...
I bought Wicked and Starry Night from the lovely Amy of Perception Nail Lacquer. I was so excited to get Wicked because it was a dark holo, which is something I cannot resist! And Starry Night looked like it would be pretty nice too.
After the evil U.S to Aus postage wait, they arrived. I was faced with another surprise... Starry Night was more than "pretty nice"... It was/is GORGEOUS. And when I say gorgeous, I mean.... Mind blowingly gorgeous. It has become one of my favorite polishes.

And here is why:

A gorgeous deep blue base with silver hex... But there is more. There is teeny tiny silver glitters too. and what makes it TRULY gorgeous is that when you step out into the sun, some of the smaller glitters show their true colors... Literally.

This is as close as my camera would get to capturing it. There is a rainbow of color in there which I just could not photograph at the time!

I am beyond in love with this polish. The color is gorgeous, the glitters are stunning... And the application was fantastic! I cannot rave about this enough.

And now for Wicked... I struggle to find the words to describe it... So I will start with the pictures.
A beautiful deep red. The sun would not be nice, so I could not get a shot of the AMAZINGNESS on the nail...

So I did bottle shots... Look at those colors!!!!!!!

  Another one that is easy to apply.
With or without visible holo, this is gorgeous. Seriously.

And as a bonus to the polish being so gorgeous, Amy is lovely. She is a dream to buy from.
Her store can be found here:


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