Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Galaxy tutorial

A little while go someone asked me if I could do a step by step of my galaxies. Having never done one before, I decided to go for it!!!!
I hope this helps someone!

This is what I used. Sally Hansen - Spark, BYS white nail art, BYS - Sunshine, Random pink I mixed aaages ago, Borghese - Violetto, NYS Colour - Rhythm n Blues and Sally Hansen InstaDri.

Paint nails black or very dark blue. I went with Spark because it is a dark blue with a purple shimmer.

I use these sponges. Some people choose to use smaller ones.

Sponge on some white for your "nebula."
Don't worry about being too neat.

Sponge your first colour over the white in random places.

Add the rest of your colours the same way...

Add some medium blue around the edges to blend it into the background a little, then take a toothpick and white polish and add random small dots, and a few bigger ones, for stars.

You can add glitter polish for extra sparkle. I choose not to.

Add top coat and you are done. It is that easy!!!

And here is my first attempt!
And my 2nd :)

What are your thoughts on galaxy nails? Fantastic or fail?

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  1. Absolutely fantastic. I'd love to try some galaxy nails. I think they look really hard to do though! But I might give it a try! :)